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Open lab hours

Dec. 6 (Monday): 3:30-6:30 Jacie & Josh

Dec. 7 (Tuesday): noon-9pm (noon-6pm Cindy & Jacie; 3-9pm Jon)

Dec. 8 (Wednesday): noon-9pm (3-9pm Jacie; noon-6pm Jon; noon-5pm Josh)

Dec. 9 (Thursday): 5-9pm (Cindy & Jon)

Dec. 10 (Friday): 10:30-6pm (Jon, and Cindy will come in later)

Dec. 13 (Monday): 11am-5pm (11am-5pm Cindy & Jacie; 1-5pm Jon; noon-5pm Josh)

Dec. 14 (Tuesday): 2-9pm (Jacie)


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