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Home assignment Home Page Presentation

Home Page Presentation

Published on April 20, 2011, by in assignment.
  • Find a template (either from course website or somewhere else on the Web)
  • If you find it somewhere else on the Web, it is probably going to be a zip file. Unzip the file, and you will see a css file, an index.html file, and possibly some other image files.
  • Modify those files. Change the css file to modify the style and the look of your site. Change the index.html file into the content  you need. Create banner and logo images in Photoshop to replace the existing banner and image files that come with the template.
  • Create the “correct”navigation for your site.
  • You do not need to have “real” content when you present your home page. But create “dummy” content so we will be able to see what your layout will look like.
  • Upload the files to your server. When you present, I want to see you pull up your home page from your server, not from your flash drive or from the desktop.
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