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Home assignment Flash Exercise: Use flash to create a photo slideshow

Flash Exercise: Use flash to create a photo slideshow

Published on November 8, 2011, by in assignment.

Objective: Use the features of Flash including ActionScript 3.0 to make a photo slideshow.

Due: Nov 16 (Wed), 9 p.m.
Email your URL to the instructor. Ex. http://www.yoursite.com/foldername/
Email subject must be: MC4315 Flash Exercise Your Name

Grading: Content: 30%, Design: 30%, Use of Technology: 40%

Overall Requirements:

  1. Use the features of Flash discussed in class to create the entire site, not with any other software, online templates, or pre-designed Flash or JavaScript templates.
  2. You must use at least one button for navigation (i.e. “Next”).
  3. Use 10-15 of your own photos.
  4. Embed your Flash slideshow on a html page.
  5. You must use a stylesheet to control typography and links.
  6. Missing any of the previous four requirements of the “Overall Requirement” will result in a failing grade. So please follow the guidelines and requirements.

Content Requirement:

  1. For your photos, you MUST optimize and size them properly in Photoshop BEFORE importing into Flash.
  2. Create a logo for the site in Photoshop or Flash (it has to be a new logo, not the ones you used in Project 2 or Project 3).
  3. Buttons that navigate between photos must fully function as rollovers.
  4. All photos must have a caption.
  5. Use appropriate ActionScript to stop and advance the slideshow.
  6. Photos must have a tween effect (fading). Import photos into frames. Tween effect should be on movie clip in each frame.
  7. Export Flash movie to .swf format.
  8. Include appropriate external links to other applicable sites. You must have at least one external link in the site.
  9. Include date, email, Flash Player link in html page (i.e. at the bottom of the page).
  10. Create the appropriate html page to insert your Flash movie and upload to Web in a new folder. Files you need to be in the folder and upload: index.html, style.css, ooxx.swf.
  11. Make sure the project is linked on your assignment page (Project 2).

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