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Home assignment Project 3: Web Credibility Assignment

Project 3: Web Credibility Assignment

Published on February 19, 2012, by in assignment.

Objective: Select one online journalism Web site and review and analyze for credibility based on Web site evaluation lesson.

Due: Feb 22, in class. Powerpoint presentation.


  • Pick one online journalism site to review for credibility. This can be a mainstream site with a print counterpart, a purely online publication, an alternative site, or any site that purports to provide current and changing information to the public.
  • Use the Web Evaluation Checklist to assess for credibility. Make sure you cover all three areas, content, authority, and presentation. Focus on the positive as well as the negative aspects of the site’s credibility and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Do an analysis of the site as a blog post. Write in paragraph format (as opposed to simply answering the questions in bullet manner). You should have an introductory paragraph, then a paragraph on each of the 3 criteria (content, authority, presentation), then a closing paragraph with your assessment.
  • Post on course blog: http://webdesignandpublishing.blogspot.com/ (come to the instructor to be added as an author of the blog).
  • Subject line of the post must be: Credibility Assignment: Name of the Site
  • Content of the post must follow the order: Site Name & URL, Names of members in your group, and paragraph 1-5.

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