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Home tutorial Using Fetch- a FTP software for Macs

Using Fetch- a FTP software for Macs

Published on September 11, 2012, by in tutorial.

Fetch is a FTP software (File Transfer Protocol) that allows you download/upload files between your computers and the server that hosts your website (ex: bluehost.com).

To use Fetch, of course, you need the software on your computer. We have Fetch already installed on our lab computers. To have Fetch installed on your own Mac, you can download it from the university’s itac website.

Note: Fetch is not a free software so be sure you download it from the university’s website, not Fetch’s official website.

Step 1: Find your FTP info by logging into your bluehost account. On your cPanel, find your FTP information.

FTP info on cPanel.

Step 2: Find Server (or Host), Account (or Username) such info by clicking on “Configurate FTP Client.”

Click on “Configurate FTP Client.”


Step 3: When you open Fetch, you will be asked to put in info you just found.

Open Fetch on your computer.

Put in Hostname, Username, and your password. The password would be the one you use to log into bluehost.


Step 4: After connected, make sure you double click and go into the “public_html” folder. All the files should be uploaded into that folder.

Make sure you go into “public_html” folder.

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