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Study Guide

Published on October 2, 2012, by in guidelines.

If you feel you did not do a very good job on troubleshooting exercise, here’s a study guide for you. Memorize all the information in this post and come back to me. We’ll discuss then.

  1. What is FTP? Ans: File Transfer Protocol. Allows me to transfer files between my computer and a server.
  2. When login in FTP using Fetch, what is my root folder on the server? Where do I upload all my files into? Ans: public_html folder.
  3. If you create a folder in public_html, name it “p5″ then what should the URL be? Ans: http://yourURL.com/p5 (for me, it would be http://jacieyang.com/p5).
  4. How do I create a link using html? Ans: <a href=”http://www.txstate.edu”>Texas State U</a>
  5. What is the first thing you should do when starting working on a project in Dreamweaver? Ans: Site -> Manage Site. If it’s a new project, create a new site. If it’s an existing project, check if site root folder is correct.
  6. CSS: how to change text color?
  7. CSS: how to change background color?
  8. CSS: how to change link colors?
  9. CSS: what is a selector? a property? a value?


Memorize this. Make sure you understand and can type out or write out from the beginning to the end.

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