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Things to Avoid in WordPress

Here’s a really good article/infographic on WordPress mistakes that you want to avoid: 15 WordPress User Errors That
Make You Look Silly.

Below is the summarize.

  1. Slow loading time
  2. The white screen of death
  3. Database connection error
  4. “Just another WordPress Blog”
  5. You set it to private
  6. Running an old version of WordPress
  7. Keeping deactivated, not in use plugins (or themes) in the wp-content folder.
  8. Keeping a messy wp-admin section (too many themes, too many plugins)
  9. Posts that span the entire front page
  10. Your sidebar shows up below your content
  11. Phantom home page gobbledygook…
  12. The dreaded wordpress blog sub-directory (yourURL.com/sitename)
  13. “index.php” in your URL.
  14. Local and/or visible backups.
  15. Visible server information
Other things to avoid (By Jacie Yang)
  1. “Uncategorized” posts
  2. Too many categories.
  3. No tags.
  4. “Sample Page”
  5. Default logo or banner image.
  6. Pick your username. Dont use “admin” to create content.
  7. Don’t know where your themes, plugins and photos are (in wp-content folder).
  8. Bad URL (permalink).
  9. Never update WordPress.
  10. Never update themes.
  11. Never update plugins.
  12. No backup.
  13. No search box.
  14. Clutter sidebar.
  15. Not using FTP.
  16. Don’t know your audience (use Google Analytics)
  17. Use default Favicon.


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