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Final Project

Objective: Propose your story idea and build a website construction for the final project, using all the skills gained during the course to complete an extensive project. We will use WordPress as a CMS on your server and incorporate other skills you learned in this class with it. You will collect materials in groups of two, but work on individual websites. You cannot work with the person/people who sit next to you in class.


  1. Proposal (a powerpoint file): 4/13 or 4/15  in class
  2. Project presentation: 4/29 or 5/4
  3. Final project due: 5/6, 11pm (no late assignment allowed).

Email your URL to the instructor. Ex. http://subdomain.yourURL.com/
Email subject must be: MC4315 Final Project Your Name
Email should include: The URL and the names of your groups members

Percentage weight of your final semester grade:

  • PowerPoint Proposal: 10%
  • Final project: 30%

Topics NOT allowed:

  • The Square
  • Six Street
  • The river


  1. Come up different story ideas. Discuss and decide on one. Create a Powerpoint that outlines your idea. Deadline for the Powerpoint presentation is 11/10 in class.
  2. In your proposal presentation PowerPoint , you will include the following: introduction, a thesis statement, topic significance, target audience, at least four multimedia components. Provide justification of why you decide to use each multimedia component and what content you plan to include.
  3. Required multimedia component: a video, a photo gallery, and a data visualization component.
  4. Last multimedia component (examples): interactive map (Google Map), Calendar, InfoGraphics, etc.
  5. Your topic MUST be an issue that is timely and important to the society.
  6. Each student is require to write two 500-word stories.


  1. Create a complete Web site to present your story idea using package on WordPress.ORG, including interface design, navigation, and content.
  2. This should be a reporting project. All content should be your original work. Arrange appropriate interviews, photos, or recording as necessary. Contact appropriate sources.
  3. Carefully plan sections and organize your time to allow for creating appropriate graphics, obtain photos, video clips, and other information.
  4. You and your group member can share multimedia materials, but each of you have to create your own written content.
  5. Each student need to write at least two text stories, at least 500 words for each story. Organize your stories and your multimedia components according to the principles of writing for the Web.
  6. Four multimedia components: Your site must include at least one video (or more),  one photo slideshow/gallery (either auto-running w audio or text with buttons), and one data visualization component. You can decide what the last multimedia component you want to include. For each multimedia component, include a title and one short paragraph of text describing what the multimedia component is about.
  7. The site should include at least 5 different sections, represented by 5 pages. Create appropriate navigation.
  8. Among those pages, you need to have a About page to include (a) a photo of you (b) contact and (c) other information about you.
  9. The emphasis on this project is story telling and information reporting. It should not be a hobby, portfolio, or personal site unless you have the topic approved by the instructor in advance.
  10. You do not need to upload files through Fetch for this project. Your final URL should be: http://subdomain.yourURL.com/
  11. Make sure this project is linked to on your assignment page.


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