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iMovie Exercise

Objective: Use iMovie to create a short video with your own clips

Due: Nov 10 or 12, in class.
Email your project to the instructor (youtube link)
Email subject line must be: MC4315 Video Your Name (Grade students: MC5312 Video Your Name)

Video Requirements:

  1. iMovie handout.
  3. Use the features of iMovie discussed to create a short movie.
  4. You will shoot video clips and interview students about their technology usage. Keep notes of who you interviewed (name and title. you will need this later).
  5. You yourself CANNOT be in the video.
  6. You cannot interview anyone in our class.
  7. Before you start interviewing students, come up with a topic and meaningful questions. Discuss the topic and questions with the instructor.For example: Do Students Prefer iOS or Android? Why?
  8. Shoot video clips of students talking about their technology usage and/or answering the questions you asked.
  9. Also shoot some b-roll of students using computers, cell phones, etc.
  10. Open a New Project in iMovie. Import the clips to a new event.
  11. In iMovie, use the handout and tutorial to include the following
    • At least 3 clips edited properly
    • The beginning of the video must be a B-roll with voice-over
    • Use additional B-rolls and voice-overs while needed
    • At least one transition
    • Add title when a person is talking.
    • Video should be between 60 to 90 seconds in total.
    • Ending credit.
  12. Export the video using the proper setting (Click on “Share” -> “Export” ). The file you exported should be a MOV or MP4 or M4V file.
  13. Upload to Youtube. Send the Youtube link to the instructor.


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