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Photo Gallery Exercise

Objective: Use the features of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to add a photo gallery page to p3.

Email your URL to the instructor. Ex. http://p3.yoursite.com/photos.html/
Email subject must be: MC4315 Photo Slideshow Your Name (Grad students: MC5312 Photo Slideshow Your Name)

Grading: Content: 30%, Design: 30%, Use of Technology: 40%

Overall Requirements:

  1. Use the plan you presented to the class to proceed.
  2. Use the features of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript discussed in class to create the entire site, not with any other software or online templates.
  3. You must add this photo gallery as a page to your project 3
  4. Use 10-20 of your own photos that can tell a story.
  5. Missing any of the previous four requirements of the “Overall Requirement” will result in a failing grade. So please follow the guidelines and requirements.

Content Requirement:

  1. For your photos, you MUST optimize and size them properly in Photoshop BEFORE starting working on the slideshow.
  2. If you have buttons that navigate between photos must fully function.
  3. All photos must have a caption.
  4. Add date.
  5. On your assignment page (Project 2), link to this project.

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