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Home P1: Student Bio Site

P1: Student Bio Site

Project 1- Student Bio Page: Due 2/10, 9pm.

Objective: Use the basics of html to make a personal Web site.

Hand in your Assignment:

  • E-mail the link to the instructor at jacieyang@txstate.edu or jacieyang@gmail.com
  • Subject line of the e-mail must be: MC4315 Project 1 HTML Your Name
  • Your URL should look like: http://www.yourURL.com

Overall Requirements:

  1. You must hand-code this assignment entirely using html, not with any web-authoring software/applications, or any pre-designed templates. Failing this requirement will result in an F for this assignment.
  2. Use TextEdit (on a Mac) or Notepad (on a PC) to insert the proper html tags. Use appropriate headings to structure each of your pages.
  3. Site must have a total of at least four pages (for example,  index.html, bio.html, work.html, and assignment.html).
  4. Pages can represent separate areas of your personal site, like the home page, a hobby page, or a  contact page.
  5. One page has to be the assignment page that will link to all other future projects. For now, list out future projects on this the assignment page without linking to anything (use ol tag, ul tag, or table tag).

Content Requirements:

  1. Have appropriate content on each page. Content is VERY important!!
  2. Your home page must be your bio, with at least 500 words. The bio needs to be approved by the instructor on 2/4 or 2/9.
  3. Each page should have at least a couple of paragraphs of content (using p tags).
  4. Decide on an appropriate navigation strategy. For now, do not worry about design (we’ll use a list). Navigation must be on the top 1/3 of the page and on each and every page.
  5. Include one GOOD photo of you (using image tag). We will briefly learn how to resize photos in Photoshop.
  6. You also must have at least one image on every page.
  7. Include at least one list (using ordered list tags or unordered list tags).
  8. Include at least three external links to sites of interest. These external links must be opened in new tabs (use target=”_blank”).
  9. Make sure you include your email address somewhere on the site (you do not have to use a mailto link, but can if you wish to- just make sure the text on the page is your actual email address).
  10. Add a last update date on the home page. Update this every time you make a change.
  11. Make sure your pages have a .html extension. Your home page must be index.html.
  12. Upload all associated files using Fetch to your server. On your server, find “public_html” folder and upload all your files (html files and image files) into that folder.

Grad Students Extra Requirements:

  1. Use two things on your website that is not covered in class.
  2. When you hand in your project, in the email, list out (1) on __________ page, I used __________ and (2) on ________ page, I used ____________.


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