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Home Project 3: Hobby/Organization Site

Project 3: Hobby/Organization Site

Objective: Use Code Editor,  Photoshop, and BootStrap to make a  website for a hobby or an organization

Due: April 3 (Friday), 9 p.m.
Email your URL to the instructor. Ex. http://yourURL.com/p3/
Email subject must be: MC4315 Project 3 Your Name (Grad students: MC5312 Project 3 Your Name)

Grading: Content: 30%, Design: 35%, Use of Technology: 40%.

Before you start, check

Overall Requirements:

  1. Talk to the instructor about your idea and finish your Web Design Sketch Sheet before you start working on the project.
  2. You will use the Web editor, TextWrangler, the graphics program, Photoshop, and Bootstrap in designing this project. Any other online/offline templates or Web authoring software/applications are not allowed.
  3. Use blocks and/or divs for formatting each page.
  4. The website must be responsive to browser size.
  5. Missing any of the previous five requirements of the “Overall Requirement” will result in a failing grade. So please follow the guidelines and requirements.
  6. Your next project will be a photo gallery that is based on this project.

Content Requirement:

  1. Site must have a total of at least five pages. Pages can represent separate areas of the site, like home, about, contact, links, etc.
  2. Decide on an appropriate navigation strategy. You must use CSS for link styles. That is, set link colors and text-decoration for a:link, a:visited, a:hover, and a:active.
  3. Must have a title (using the title tag).
  4. Design a site logo or banner image using Photoshop (or Illustrator if you know how to). If the organization has a logo, you may use it, but then you will be required to make another graphic somewhere else in the site.
  5. You must have social media components linking to at least 3 of your social media profile.
  6. Include at least one or more appropriate photos or graphics on your website.
  7. Include at least three external links to relevant sites. External links must open in a new window (target=”_blank”).
  8. Make sure you include your email address somewhere in the site.
  9. Add a date to the bottom of the home page. Update this every time you make a change. Example: Last Updated: October 2, 2012.
  10. Make sure you save all pages with a .html extension.
  11. Log in to your server using Fetch. In public_html, create a folder. Name the folder. Upload all your files in there.
  12. Make sure you have this project linked on your Assignment page (from Project 2). To do that, open your assignment.html from Project 2. Select the text of “Project 3″ and link it to your URL for this project (i.e http://yourURL.com/p3/).
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