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Week 1: 1/21 & 1/26
Introduction; review syllabus.
Watch before next week: history of the Internet documentary (hand in a two-page summary by next class.)

Week 2: 1/28 & 2/2
How Web Works; Basic Design; Features of the Web; Hyperlinking and Interactivity.
Using The Web
Intro. HTML
Text Formatting, Images, and Links
Watch and work before next week:
How the Web Works
Watch: (1) Lists, (2) Internal Links, (3) Create second, third and fourth pages for P1

Week 3: 2/4 & 2/9 (Project 1 Due)
HTML; Basic Design continued; Design Issues and Challenges.
Web Hosting – Bluehost.com
Lists and Tables
Uploading Files

Glossary of Internet Terms 
Work at home: Finish P1

Week 4: 2/11 & 2/16
Stylesheets for formatting a Web page; Using a Web Editor. Intro to TextWrangle and other IDE.
Web Design Process
CSS Basics
style.css file annotated
CSS Properties handout
Watch and Work before next class: CSS Basics, RGB Color, A Basic Template.

Week 5: 2/18 & 2/23 (Project 2 Due)
Digital Photography; Intro to Photoshop.
Resource: Intro. to Photoshop
Work at home: Watch how to create a banner image in photoshop. Finish P2.

Week 6: 2/23 & 2/25
Advanced Template Modification.
Advanced CSS.
Watch: Upload p2 files (and also keep p1 online too).

Week 7: 3/2 & 3/4 (Troubleshooting Quiz)

Week 8: 3/9 & 3/11 
Data Visualization
Advanced CSS.
Responsive Design.
Presentation: Design Principles
Watch: Get started with Bootstrap
Watch & Work before next class: Bootstrap grid systemBootstrap responsive image.

Week 9: 3/16 & 3/18 class does not meet. 
Spring break
Watch before next class: Bootstrap CSS I, Bootstrap CSS II, Create a subdomain, upload P3 files.

Week 10: 3/23 & 3/25 (Project 3 Due)
Photo Gallery
Intro to JavaScript and jQuery.
Work before next class: Finish P3.

Week 11: 4/1 & 4/6 (iMovie Exercise Due)
iMovie Handout
See Tutorials on Resources page
Work before next class: finish iMovie exercise.

Week 12: 4/11 & 4/13 
Content Management Systems
Presentation: CMS & WordPress: Intro & Plugins.
Watch before class: Install a Wrodpress website, Create a page, Install a Plugin.

Week 13: 4/15 & 4/20
Content Management Systems
Presentation: WordPress themes.

Week 14: 4/22 & 4/27
Content Management Systems
Presentation: WordPress themes.

Week 15: 4/29 & 5/4 Last Class  (Final Project Due date TBA)
Final Project Preliminary Presentation.


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